Topic of Study

Sexuality Education being taught to the Year 2012 Batch of students at the School of Science and Technology, Singapore

MOE Framework for Sexuality Education. In Ministry Of Education. Retrieved from

The purpose of sexuality education is to enable students to make wise, responsible and informed decisions by providing them with accurate, current and age-appropriate knowledge on human sexuality and the consequences of sexual activity.

Also, to understand themselves and build healthy and rewarding relationships through, acquiring social and emotional skills of self-awareness, management of their thoughts, feelings and behaviours, development of empathy for others, possession of effective communication, problem-solving and decision-making skills and to develop a moral compass, respect for themselves and for others as sexual beings, premised on the family as the basic unit of society, by having positive mainstream values and attitudes about sexuality.

The key messages of sexuality education are to aim to help students understand and achieve the following, To Love and respect themselves as they love and respect others, Build positive relationships based on love and respect, Make responsible decisions for themselves, their family and society.

In accordance with our values, Sexuality Education is premised on the family as the basic unit of society, to have healthy and respectful relationships between married couples, and stable family units with good family ties and support.

Sexuality Education requires concerted efforts from the home, school, and community. It should begin at home with parents, continue in schools with teachers, and be supplemented by community efforts.

The teaching of knowledge and skills is integrated with the teaching of values which reflect that of Singapore’s mainstream society, to help students make wise, informed and responsible decisions on sexuality matters.

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