After our a close and fully inspected analysis of our survey we have concluded that the Sexuality Education being taught to students can be improved in the aspects of the severity of the topic, how the knowledge is sent to the students and whether they take this topic seriously and not as a joke. These aspects all come down to how the teachers teach sexuality education to students of the Year 2012 batch at the School of Science and Technology.

However the education being taught in general is positive and appropriate. However aspects such as making the learning of sexuality education more interactive through games and quizzes, making learning more serious and less informal so the knowledge of education is sent out in an appropriate and formal way and for teachers to be more confident and knowledgable when teaching sexuality education can be improved thus SST should look into improving these aspects to improve our learning of Sexuality Education.

But it should also be considered that our total number of survey respondents were only 15 responses which were way short of our target, 50.

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