Annex D - VIVA

We have started to work on a skit and on a video as well for our VIVA Presentation. Also, the script  for our skit will be posted here for Francis and Kabir to rehearse. Kabir will finish the video for our VIVA, Guan Qun will bring the props for the skit and Francis will create the script. Siddhant will then edit the script for our skit.

Script for Skit

Francis- Well for our survey, we received a total 17 responses
Kabir- There are two incomplete responses! Which means we only have 15 responses.
Francis- What else do you know?
Kabir- Most of the students gave positive feedback on our first question, which is "What do you think about the sexual education being taught at SST"
Francis- To be exact 14 responses gave positive feedback.
Kabir- We also received responses from students who say that the education is useful but some students still think that the education is not comprehensive enough.
Francis- Well for our second question, we asked "Is the sexuality education being taught useful?"
Kabir- About half of the respondents said that the education being taught is useful and the other half of respondents answering with the education not being useful
Francis- Let's move on, for our third question we asked "Is the sexuality education being taught appropriate?"
Kabir- All of the respondents answered saying it was appropriate
Francis- Well that good to hear!
Kabir- For the next question that we asked our respondents  we asked "Do the students treat sexuality education as a joke or do they pay attention?"
Francis- From our responses, respondents say that most students pay attention however some do not and treat sexuality education as a joke.
Kabir- Now lets move on, for our next question we asked "Has your knowledge widened from learning the sexuality education being taught in our school?"
Francis- Out of our 15 responses half answered with a "YES" and the other half answered with a "NO".
Kabir- For our final question we asked "On a scale of 1-10, give us your overall feedback of the sexuality education being taught in SST?"
Francis- The answers for this question vary a lot as some of the people gave a low rating and some of the respondents gave very high rating. Thus to conclude it, the average rating was a 7 out of 10 which in general is a positive response.
Kabir- Now, let's move on to our keynote and see what else has to be said.

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